Yoga in the Park – Chicago


Hey everyone!

This past fall I visited Chicago, one of my favorite US cities, and my friend that lives there suggested we try out yoga at the zoo. I was like “what is that???” I really had no idea what to expect and I had only taken a few vinyasa flow classes in the past. What it turned out to be was vinyasa yoga outside of the Lincoln Park Zoo, under a somewhat enclosed beehive-looking art structure, called none other than “The Honeycomb.”

There were no captive zoo animals surrounding us as one might expect — they were housed in a separate area of the park. Other than a few spiders dangling above us from the wooden combs, it was a pretty cool and relaxing experience being outdoors surrounded by the Chicago River and natural flora and fauna. Not to mention, it has one of the most picturesque views of the Chicago Skyline. Whether or not you are a yogi (I am certainly not), it’s definitely worth checking out.

The Zoo/NatureWalk isn’t the only place to experience outdoor yoga in Chicago; check out the link below for a full list, including yoga on the lawn of Millennium Park.

Outdoor Yoga in Chicago

❤ Melissa